From the Pastor

The warmest of wishes from us at the Ringway Life Building. With the renovations of last year freshly signed off we are now looking forward, even more, to using the upgraded facilities to connect with our community.

Keep your eye on forthcoming events, here on this website, so as not to miss the regular concerts and the health and well-being programmes especially that are what we do here at Ringway.

There is always a warm welcome for you at these special events but don’t forget that we are happy to have you visit at any of our services on Saturday too.

Pastor Geoff Smith

Ringway News

Whit & Wild Camp 2017 – Day 1

The Whit weekend is an important date in the diary of not only the Ringway Church, but also many families across the British Union. A chance to get...
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Ringway Supper Club

The 8th March saw the first Supper Club at the Ringway Church since the renovation work. Based around a simple theme of a health 3 course vegetarian...
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Feeling SAD?

Ringway member and professional Psychologist Marieangels Ferrer hosted a seminar this evening on health and wellbeing during the winter season and...
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Inspiration In Nature

“The heavens declare the glory of the Lord; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.” Psalms 19:1

Coming Up…

Speaker This Week

3rd June 2017 - TBA

Forthcoming Events

6th June 2017 - Prayer Meeting

20th June 2017 - Prayer Meeting

17th September 2017 - Piano Recital with Jean Braddock

Service Times

Every Saturday

10:00am - Sabbath School
11:30am - Family Worship Service

Prayers for Manchester

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have been affected by this horrific and tragic attack. As a church community, which puts family and children at its heart, this is a painful and difficult time for many. 1 Cor 13:13 is a strong remind of the Christian life. FAITH in Jesus Christ as our Saviour. HOPE in His second coming and LOVE to those around us.

Who we are

A local church community of around 40-50 regular attendees, part of a global church family of over 17 million

What we do

The Adventist Church operates schools, colleges, hospitals, radio and tv stations around the world to bring education, health and God’s word to a global community.

Why do we do it

To proclaim to all people the everlasting gospel as described in the three Angel’s message of Revelation 14. Leading them to accept Jesus as their personal saviour

More Info 

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