There are at least 20 nations represented in the Ringway church fellowship and the 14th of October 2017 saw a full church as people came together in a programme of celebration and music.

The normal Sabbath School programme of a lesson study, instead focused on a discussion of our experiences around cultural diversity and how it has affected us in a positive and negative way.

We then looked to see how we can overcome the negatives within our church to come closer together.

Following a short break, the divine service started with a “Parade of Nations” where the children brought flags to the front to go on display and was followed with the Lord’s Prayer being recited in Estonian, Hindi and Ukrainian highlighted how diverse a church we are.

Songs, special items, testimonies and a sermon “discussion” followed where Aerial from Stockport and Emanuele from Manchester South shared their own experiences via interviewing each other.

A fantastic pot luck followed with foods from all different countries and cultures.

The afternoon programme included music and a bible quiz