Last Sabbath (11.01.2020), we welcomed our new Pastor, Julian Kastrati (BA Hons & MA from Newbold College). He has moved to us from Germany, and originates from Albania.

His German wife, Dr Beatrice Kastrati (MPH from Loma Linda University) and their daughter, Albulena will be joining us permanently towards the middle of February 2020.

Beatrice was born in Tübingen and studied in Ulm, Germany. She served for many years as ADRA Albania CEO as well as Health Ministries and Community Services Director for the Albanian Mission. Beatrice is a fifth-generation Adventist and avid book reader, who enjoys soprano signing.

Julian was born and raised in Tirana, Albania’s capital. He is a founding member of the SDA Church in Albania (1992) and one of the first two Albanian pastors ever. Since July 1993, Julian has been serving in the Seventh-day Adventist Church for over two and a half decades in various positions such as senior pastor, church planter, Executive Secretary and multiple departmental director. He has a heart for outreach and has served as international speaker in countries such as Croatia, Slovenia, Sweden, Germany and Australia.

Julian likes new challenges, cherishes meaningful conversations, loves preaching, studying the Scriptures in small groups and enjoys good food!