Lockdown Creativity

With churches, schools and many workplaces closed, it’s given the chance for Ringway members to get creative, and we’ve a few things to share here!! Please feel free to share more with us by emailing photos or videos to techdesk@ringwayadventists.org.uk


This story was recorded on cassette tape for my son David when he was 3 years old. The storyteller was Pastor Derek Beardsell PHD, college president, church administrator, church pastor, father to Eileen, Beryl and Robert and beloved grandfather Pawpaw or Pawps. A great part of his life was spent in East Africa but he also had stories from Pakistan, Iceland, Newbold College and Aberdaron. He will always be remembered at Ringway as the one who found our church building and had the vision and drive to help us turn it into our church home.

Animating this story has been my lockdown project 

Seth and his mum, Carol-Anne

Baking brownies, cupcakes, soda bread, wholemeal bread, banana muffins, pizza and cookies.


Organic thyme infused sourdough baugette, vegan banana raisin bread. Plus a little fellow that visited the garden a few weeks back

Selma’s School Project

Trixie’s Okra Stew with Roast Potatoes