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Week of Prayer Reading

Every November, Adventist Churches around the work put particular focus on coming together globally around a specific theme or topic, guided by a series of stories and experiences. Download the booklet below to follow daily from 4th November till the 11th. AW NAD...

500 Years of Reformation

500 Years of Reformation

Today, 31st October 2017 marks 500 years since Martin Luther pinned his 95 Thesis, his "protest" at the indulgences of the Catholic Church. Follow this link to an excellent article a video series produced by the TED Communications...

International Day Report

There are at least 20 nations represented in the Ringway church fellowship and the 14th of October 2017 saw a full church as people came together in a programme of celebration and music. The normal Sabbath School programme of a lesson study, instead focused on a...

Live Streaming at Ringway

9th of September saw the first "live stream" of the service via our Facebook page. This was a trial using just an iPad to judge how well it would work prior to any further investment in more purposeful equipment. We had a number of people join the stream throughout...

Whit & Wild Camp 2017

The Whit weekend is an important date in the diary of not only the Ringway Church, but also many families across the British Union. A chance to get away for a long weekend retreat in the beautiful landscape of Aberdaron on the Llynn Peninsula. Glan-yr-Afon, the...

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  • Access to Ringway

    Due to the redevelopment of area around the Ringway Church, access to Sunbank Lane off Wilmslow Road is being changed. As such there may be additional traffic, and periodic changes to the entry/exit layout to Sunbank Lane. The remodeling is expected to complete before the end of the year.