History of the Ringway Congregation

The 14th July 1979 saw the foundation of a Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sale, 6 miles south of Manchester. Hiring a couple of rooms in a building owned by Trafford Council, the congregation remained until 2000 when due to renovation work to the council offices, a new home was required.

Another church on down the road became our new home for a number of months, prior to a move to the Wilmslow area where by now the majority of members were from. For a number of years we held church services in the Dean Row Community centre, where our equipment was packed into a cupboard each week.

It was a blessing that our head Elder, Derek Beardsell and his wife, Joy came across St Mary’s Church for sale on Sunbank Lane near Ringway (Manchester International) Airport.

This album shows the history of the original Sale SDA Church through to its arrival, at home at last in Ringway